Diesel particulate filter (DPF) for Citroen DS3 2010-2014

quality: PJ

Diesel particulate filter (DPF)


code: 471-1960-N-177269

quality :PJ

PJ - technology and materials, used in the production process, are compatible with OE technology, or better. Thermal efficiency NOT lower than OE/OEM or OES product.

Manufacturer: EU

Extended information: DPF & Fitting kit

Make: Citroen

Model: DS3 cabriolet, 01.13-07.15

Length [mm]: 271

Displacement (rounded) [cc]: 1560

Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive

Engine Code: 9HP (DV6DTED)

Exhaust Emission Norm: Euro 5

From construction year: 01.13

Output to [HP]: 92

Output to [kW]: 69

To construction year: 201507

OE: 1731XN

OE: 173840

OE: 174046

OE: 174076