FRONT PANEL UPPER FOR ALFA ROMEO 145 1994.7-1998.12 60600808
  • Name:FRONT PANEL UPPER FOR ALFA ROMEO 145 1994.7-1998.12
  • Model:ALFA ROMEO 145 1994.7-1998.12
  • Type:Main Catalog / Body parts / Front panels and their parts
  • Code:3800957249319
  • Code:2-0664-N-2
  • OE Code: 60600808
  • PRASCO: AA0703203,
    KLOKKERHOLM: 0002275

price:€ 25.62€ 36.60

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Buying the proper replacement item for the front panel of your car is crucial. You need everything to be set up correctly, so you can’t afford to get a wrong front panel or elements. The FRONT PANEL UPPER is produced for ALFA ROMEO 145, made in 1994.7-1998.12. If this is not the product you are looking for, you can go back and use our filters to buy what you would like. If you cannot manage to find what you need, you can contact our customer support staff and they will try to find the component you need as well as give you a reasonable price for it. We try to satisfy our customers as much as possible, which describes why we additionally present fast shipping to any location in Europe. Order your front panel or a new part and we will transport it soon.

Beneath the excellent looks of every vehicle you can find a well-designed way to implement it all. Most of what you notice on your vehicle on the surface is required to have a way to be mounted. And while your doors and your hood for example have an apparent method of being mounted to the body, do you know about the bumpers, the headlights or grilles? There exists a method, through which they are mounted, but to be able to sustain the great aesthetic attractiveness of the car, that method is somewhat hidden. They are all mounted on the front panel. It is effectively a base that has everything in the front attached to it. Although it is pretty difficult to damage the front panel, it can still break, especially due to a collision. Smaller and fractional damage can also arise such as trouble with the headlight holders on the front panel, or even rust on older models. Substitute your front panel or a piece of it with a part from Taros Trade.