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Cabrio R52 2004-2008
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Cooper/one F55/F56 2014-
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Cooper/one R50/R53 2002-2006
Countryman 2021-
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Countryman R60 2011-2016
Mini classic 1969-
Mini classic Metro
Paceman R61 2013-
Roadstar/coupe R59 roadstar 11-
Roadstar/coupe R58 coupe 2011-

MINI COOPER is a trademark of BMW AG. MINI is a subsidiary company of BMW in Cowley, England. Car designer Frank Stefansan. The model went into production in 2001., The idea is to create a retro style reminiscent of the original Mini, produced in the UK by 1959. The car is a small spark of class and has a petrol and diesel engine. The model impresses with its size - length is only 3.5 meters, width - 1.7 meters. This makes it easy to maneuver the car, a small and practical, easy to park especially in urban areas with limited parking spaces. MINI is the preferred brand of women and novice drivers. Today MINI offers a wide variety for every taste. Here in "Taros Trade" will find a variety in terms of spare parts for MINI, if needed to use the car mostly in urban environments. Troubled Bulgarian roads are sometimes fatal, and even the most persistent and powerful cars need good maintenance requiring high quality automotive parts. To this end, we have created an electronic shop "Taros Trade" where you can discover the variety of products at affordable prices. Shop online and get fast and free shipping!