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SEAT is a Spanish automotive brand with German engines. In recent years, SEAT applied innovative technologies in production. In 2010. SEAT presented during the Paris Motor Show a conceptual model of ecological electric vehicle called IBE. It is constructed of lightweight materials. Stylish and sporty it impresses but most impressive is its zero emissions! So SEAT revolutionized automotive construction - combines a unique design with maximum safety for the environment. Besides design, SEAT can boast security and sustainability. Modern models of SEAT give excellent results of safety tests. In 2011. SEAT significantly increased its sales in Europe. The most significant sales realized in Germany, Italy and France. In our sales SEAT also show a high growth - a fourfold increase compared to the previous year. This requires a Bulgarian market and to increase the availability and variety of auto parts for SEAT, especially for the latest models. It is with this we can be your useful holders of SEAT. "Taros Trade" offers a rich catalog of spare parts for SEAT, which is available 24 hours via our electronic page. We offer the lowest prices on the market and free shipping!