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SKODA is a Czech carmaker, part of the company Skoda Holding - group engineering enterprises. In the twentieth century SKODA Banton, the European market as one of the biggest producers in mashinostroitelstvoto. The company began life as an engineering factory in the city of Pilsen, founded by Count Wallenstein-Wartenberg. Later owner is an engineer Emil Skoda, which gives the name of the modern brand. Initial production SKODA was very advanced - from materials industry railways to gear for the army and navy, including tanks during World War II. Only then SKODA specializes in the production of cars. Today besides cars SKODA continues to produce molds for rail and metro, locomotives, trams, trolley buses and engines for all of them. It maintains a reputation as a leader in SKODA mashinostroitelstvoto the European market. So SKODA offer reliable cars. In "Taros Trade" we do offer reliable auto parts for SKODA. Our catalog includes 10 models of SKODA and relevant spare parts, divided into convenient for the customer classification - of body parts to accessories for each vehicle. Here you will find low prices, high quality and free shipping!