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Drive axle with OEM code 96049018

quality: PJ

Drive axle


code: 413-0709-N-196488

quality :PJ

PJ - technology and materials, used in the production process, are compatible with OE technology, or better. Thermal efficiency NOT lower than OE/OEM or OES product.

Part name: Drive axle

Part Kind: Drive shafts

Part group: Drive system parts

Application period: 02.86-12.88

Manufacturer: EAI

Location: front

Make: Peugeot

Model: 305 II Break (581E), 10.82-07.90

Engine code: B1A (XU51C)

Transmission type: Manual transmission

Diameter 1 [mm]: 84

Diameter 2 [mm]: 76

Length [mm]: 867

Displacement (exact) [cc]: 1569

Displacement (rounded) [cc]: 1580

Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive

External Teeth, diff.side: 24

External Teeth, wheel side: 25

Fitting Position: Front Axle Right

From construction year: 02.86

Output to [HP]: 75

Output to [kW]: 55

Side: right

To construction year: 12.88

OE: 327479

OE: 327480

OE: 95595287

OE: 96049018

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