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quality: PJ

Stabilizer link


code: 534-992C-N-201049

quality :PJ

PJ - technology and materials, used in the production process, are compatible with OE technology, or better. Thermal efficiency NOT lower than OE/OEM or OES product.

Part name: Stabilizer link

Part Kind: Stabilizers and associated parts

Part group: Suspension parts

Application period: 01.95-12.96

Manufacturer: TEKNOROT

Material: steel

Make: Volvo

Model: 960 II Estate (965), 07.94-12.96

Front/rear: front

Side (left/right): left=right

Engine Code: B 6254 S

Fitting Side: Front Axle Right; front axle left

From construction year: 01.95

To construction year: 12.96

OE: 272991

OE: 9492837


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