Tube horn set

Tube horn set

quality: PJ

Tube horn set


code: 978-ALL-N-219480

quality :PJ

PJ - technology and materials, used in the production process, are compatible with OE technology, or better. Thermal efficiency NOT lower than OE/OEM or OES product.

Manufacturer: SRL

V/Hz: 12V/420+510Hz

Electrical conection: 2x(6,3-0,8)

quality: Q

Tube horn set


code: 978-ALL-N-219690

quality :Q

Q - original part OEM/OES marked with logo – trademark of the manufacturer of the component that supplies given component for the assembly of vehicles.

Manufacturer: EU

V/Hz: 12V/400+500Hz

Electrical conection: 2x(6,3-0,8)