Wear parts for Opel

Opel Adam 2013-
Opel Agila 2008.1-
Opel Agila 2000.7-2008.1
Opel Ampera 2011-
Opel Antara 2006-2015
Opel Arena 1998-2000
Opel Ascona C 1981-1988
Opel Ascona B 1975-1980
Opel Astra K 5 doors/combi 2019-2021
Opel Astra K 5 doors / combi 2016-2019
Opel Astra J 4 door 2013-2016
Opel Astra J 5 door / combi 2013-2016
Opel Astra J 3 door/gtc 2011-2016
Opel Astra J 5 Door / Combi 2009-2012
Opel Astra H 2003-2010
Opel Astra G 1998.1-2009.8
Opel Astra F 1994.9-2002.12
Opel Astra F 1991.9-1994.8
Opel Calibra 1989-1997
Opel Campo 1987-1995
Opel Cascada 2013-
Opel Combo E 2018-
Opel Combo 2011-2018
Opel Combo 2000-2010
Opel Combo 1993-2000
Opel Commodore 1978-1983
Opel Corsa F 2019-
Opel Corsa E 2015-2019
Opel Corsa D 2006-2015
Opel Corsa C 2000-2006
Opel Corsa B 1997-2000
Opel Corsa B 1996-1997
Opel Corsa B 1993-1995
Opel Corsa A 1991-1993
Opel Corsa A 1985-1990
Opel Crossland 2017-2021
Opel Frontera 1999-2003
Opel Frontera 1991-1998
Opel Grandland 2017-
Opel GT 2006-2009
Opel Insignia B 2017-
Opel Insignia A 2013-2017
Opel Insignia A 2008-2013
Opel Kadett E 1988-1990
Opel Kadett E 1985-1988
Opel Kadett D 1980-1985
Opel Karl 2015-
Opel Manta B 1975-1988
Opel Meriva B 2014-2017
Opel Meriva B 2010-2014
Opel Meriva A 2003-2010
Opel Mokka 2020-
Opel Mokka 2013-2016
Opel Monterey 1992-1999
Opel Movano 2019-2021
Opel Movano 2010-2019
Opel Movano 1997-2010
Opel Omega 1994-2003
Opel Omega 1991-1994
Opel Omega 1986-1991
Opel Rekord 1978-1983
Opel Rocks-e 2021-
Opel Senator (V88) 1987-1994
Opel Senator A 1979-1987
Opel Signum 2006-2009
Opel Signum 2003-2006
Opel Sintra 1996-1999
Opel Speedster 2000-2005
Opel Tigra 2004.5-2009.9
Opel Tigra 1994.10-2001.12
Opel Vectra C 2005-2008
Opel Vectra C 2001-2005
Opel Vectra B 1999-2002
Opel Vectra B 1995-1998
Opel Vectra A 1992-1995
Opel Vectra A 1988-1992
Opel Vivaro 2019-
Opel Vivaro 2014-2019
Opel Vivaro 2006-2014
Opel Vivaro 2002-2006
Opel Zafira Life 2019-
Opel Zafira C 2016-
Opel Zafira C 2011-2016
Opel Zafira B 2005-2012
Opel Zafira A 1999-2005
OPEL the German company specializing in the production of cars since the end of the 19th century. OPEL today is the largest producer of "General Motors" in Europe. The brand name comes from the name of Adam Opel, who founded the company OPEL. Initially, his company started the production of sewing machines. The model of OPEL Opel Olympia, inspired by the World Berlin Olympics of 1936. Is the first German car with a self-supporting body, which saves about 100 kg of the weight of the car. OPEL has a long and rich history. The company is wholly influenced by a passion for cars. OPEL market has expanded to over 40 countries. OPEL hallmarks of the exclusive design, innovative manufacturing technology, environmental friendly. For 2011. OPEL had the ambitious task of creating the electric hybrid with extended range compared to previous achievements in the industry. Today OPEL is sold massively on the Bulgarian market. Therefore, "Taros Trade" offers a wide variety of auto parts for OPEL, covering all categories of body parts to auto oils and accessories. Our catalog offers a fast and easy shopping. You will be pleased by the low prices we offer and the possibility of free shipping.