Wear parts for Rover

Rover 100 1995-1998
Rover 100 1989-1994
Rover 200 1995-1999
Rover 200 1993-1995
Rover 200 1990-1993
Rover 200 1985-1989
Rover 25 2000-2005
Rover 400 1995-2000
Rover 400 (XW) 1990-1995
Rover 45 2000-2005
Rover 600 1993-1999
Rover 75 1999-2005
Rover 800 1986-1998
Rover MG F 1995-2011
Rover Mg zr 2001-2006
Rover Mg zs 2001-2006
Rover Mg zt 2001-2006
Rover Mini 1967-2001
Rover Streetwise 2003-2005
ROVER is an English car brand, which only in recent years gained popularity in Bulgaria. ROVER features a convenient and practical design. ROVER is primarily a family car class, offering comfort and security. English ROVER offers quality at an affordable price. Convenient and suitable for Bulgarian roads. Most are imported models with engines HONDA. In recent years they have become popular on the Bulgarian market, imported mainly from Austria and Germany.. We try to enrich the market with affordable auto parts for ROVER. "Taros Trade" until now offers the largest variety of products - from body parts - plates and panels, and to oils and various accessories. Here you will find the lowest prices on the market. If you have questions or would like to place an order, do not hesitate. We offer different alternatives to contact us - by phone, Skype or Facebook. Or you can register by e page and order in our e-shop. Join us! Outstanding quality awaits you! Take advantage of our free delivery!