Wear parts for Subaru

Subaru BRZ 2012-
Subaru Forester SK 2018-
Subaru Forester SJ 2015-2018
Subaru Forester SJ 2013-2015
Subaru Forester SH 2008-2013
Subaru Forester SG 2002-2008
Subaru Forester 1997-2002
Subaru Impreza 2012-2017
Subaru Impreza 2008-2012
Subaru Impreza 2001-2008
Subaru Impreza 1997-2001
Subaru Impreza 1993-1997
Subaru Justy G3x 2003-2007
Subaru Justy 2005-
Subaru Justy 1997-2005
Subaru Justy (KAD) 1984-1995
Subaru Legacy/outback BW/BT 2019-
Subaru Legacy/outback BN/BS 2015-2019
Subaru Legacy/outback BM/BR 2009-2015
Subaru Legacy/outback BL/BP/BPS 2003-2009
Subaru Legacy/outback (BC/BJF) 1989-1994
Subaru Legacy/outback 1998-2003
Subaru Legacy/outback 1994-1999
Subaru Leone 1979-1991
Subaru Levorg 2015-
Subaru Libero 1983-1997
Subaru SVX 1992-1997
Subaru Trezia 2011-
Subaru Tribeca 2008-
Subaru Tribeca 2005-2008
Subaru XV 2018-2021
Subaru XV 2012-2018
SUBARU is the Japanese brand car manufacturer Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI). Official representative and importer for Bulgaria is Subaru Motors Trading. In this 2011. SUBARU received the highest grade of safety tests of Euro NCAP. This ensures high standards and conditions of safety SUBARU offers its customers. Overall SUBARU received wide acclaim and numerous awards from various authoritative bodies. Safety for many of their models. SUBARU developed an effective system to protect passengers in shock. SUBARU also offers for its models apart from standard airbags, also for the rear seats, driver knee airbags and side airbags. SUBARU focuses mainly on safety, which ranks to the automaker VOLVO security. SUBARU develops technology for impending danger to avoid any accident before it happens. SUBARU is the motto of "Confidence in motion." Better security requires a good and regular maintenance. We offer a variety of products - spare parts for SUBARU. "Taros Trade" maintain the high standards set by car manufacturers to ensure safety on the road. Visit us and learn more about the products that we offer!