Wear parts for Volvo

Volvo 240/260 1975-1980
Volvo 240/260 1981-1985
Volvo 440/460 1988-1996
Volvo 740/760 1990-1992
Volvo 740/760 1984-1989
Volvo 850 1992-1994
Volvo C30 2010-
Volvo C30 2006.10-2010.1
Volvo C70 2010-
Volvo C70 2006-2010
Volvo C70 1996-2005
Volvo S40/v40 V40 2012-
Volvo S40/v40 2007-2012
Volvo S40/v40 2003-2007
Volvo S40/v40 2001-2003
Volvo S40/v40 1995-2000
Volvo S60 2018-
Volvo S60 S60/v60 2016-2018
Volvo S60 2013-2016
Volvo S60 2010-2013
Volvo S60 2000-2010
Volvo S70 1997.1-2000.3
Volvo S80 2013-
Volvo S80 2006-2013
Volvo S80 1998-2006
Volvo S90 2016-2021
Volvo S90 1997-
Volvo Seria 300 340-360 1975-1991
Volvo V50 2007.4-
Volvo V50 2003-2007
Volvo V60 Cross country 2018-
Volvo V60 2013-
Volvo V60 2010-2013
Volvo V70 2000-2007
Volvo V70 2013-2016
Volvo V70 2007-2013
Volvo V70 1997-2000
Volvo V90 2016-
Volvo V90 1996-1998
Volvo Xc40 2018-
Volvo Xc60 2017-
Volvo Xc60 2013-2016
Volvo Xc60 2008-2013
Volvo Xc70 2013-
Volvo Xc70 2007-2013
Volvo Xc70 2000-2007
Volvo Xc90 2015-2020
Volvo Xc90 2002-2014
VOLVO is a brand car company Volvo Cars, based in Gothenburg, Sweden in the 30s of the 20th century. At the end of the century the company was bought by Ford Motor Company and produced as part of its Premier Automotive Group. The main selling VOLVO realized mainly in Europe and less in North America. VOLVO have the reputation of the safest cars skillfully that protects passengers during a crash. Therefore they are preferred as family cars and became synonymous with sustainability, mellowness and comfort. VOLVO produced the first padded dashboard and the first infant car seat facing backward. VOLVO present market system and BLIS, which warns the driver of the presence of another vehicle in the dead zone of its mirrors. VOLVO is the largest truck manufacturer in the world. VOLVO established itself as a leading brand in the European market. Cars and trucks VOLVO imported en masse into Bulgaria. . Therefore, we offer a wealth of auto parts for VOLVO. "Taros Trade" catalog offers a wide variety of body parts to accessories for VOLVO. Order through our e page or contact us by phone, Skype or Facebook!