Wheel bearing kit for Fiat UNO 1983-1989

quality: PJ

Wheel bearing kit


code: 408-M830-N-176006

quality :PJ

PJ - technology and materials, used in the production process, are compatible with OE technology, or better. Thermal efficiency NOT lower than OE/OEM or OES product.

Manufacturer: CX

Location: Front

Make: Fiat

Model: UNO (146A/E), 01.83-06.06

Outer Diameter [mm]: 60

Displacement (exact) [cc]: 999

Displacement (rounded) [cc]: 999

Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive

Engine Code: 156 A2.246

Fitting Side: Front Axle; left side; Right

From construction year: 04.84

Output to [HP]: 45

Output to [kW]: 33

Side: left, right

Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: 45 i.e.

To construction year: 10.95

width [mm]: 37

OE: 3981590

OE: 5891194

OE: 4443880

OE: 4178737