• Name:BONNET FOR NISSAN JUKE 2010.6-2015
  • Model:NISSAN JUKE 2010.6-2015
  • Type:Main Catalog / Body parts / Hoods and trunk lids / Hoods
  • Code:3800957497659
  • Code:21-5770-N-24024
  • OE Code: FEA0M1KAMA

price:€ 143.62

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Some parts of the car just do not get damaged that much and we do not consider them very often. Most men and women hardly ever look below the hood, and if didn't care for aesthetics, a lot of us wouldn’t even look at it. The trunk lid is a little bit more special, as a lot of people do work with it more frequently, as the trunk area is put to use all the time in general. But given that you'll find some mechanical elements in the design of both the hood and the trunk lid, there's always the chance of them breaking. There may also be various instances, which can contribute to the hood or trunk lid getting broken, so they would necessitate an alternative. The BONNET is a good alternative for many owners of NISSAN JUKE. If you have such a vehicle produced in 2010.6-2015, then this product will work for your auto. You can buy it now and get it in no time.

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