HOOD FOR SEAT LEON 2013- 5F0823031A
  • Name:HOOD FOR SEAT LEON 2013-
  • Model:SEAT LEON 2013-
  • Type:Main Catalog / Body parts / Hoods and trunk lids / Hoods
  • Code:3800957595874
  • Code:21-7240-N-81108
  • OE Code: 5F0823031A

price:€ 223.20€ 318.86

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Some elements of the auto just don’t break so regularly and we don’t consider them very often. Most people seldom take a look below the hood, and if didn't consider design, most of us wouldn’t even give it some thought. The trunk lid is a little bit more important, as most people do utilize it more regularly, as the trunk is used often generally speaking. But given that you'll find some mechanical components in the structure of both the hood and the trunk lid, there is the chance of them breaking. There may also be different situations, which can lead to the hood or trunk lid being damaged, so they would require a replacement. The HOOD is a good option for many drivers of SEAT LEON. If you are driving such a vehicle manufactured in 2013-, then this component will work for your car. You can order it now and acquire it promptly.

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